About Us

Started since beginning of year 2008, KUDALOTTO is the only 4D aggregator site in Malaysia that aggregate just 3 companies - Magnum 4D, Sports ToTo and Pan Malaysia 1+3D, that runs by an individual and not a 4D SMS service company.

The website was initially setup on Blog system, to archive all the 4D Draw Results. So that me and my family members can freely check the 4d results whenever we want without digging the old newspaper. Sooner later, I received more and more emails from different visitor asking me to provide real time results, as they are lazy to surf 3 websites to check their numbers. Since then, www.KUDALOTTO.com started offering live 4d results. After all, there are lot of 4D aggregator site appearing in the market by copying KUDALOTTO.com service model.

Until today, we have expanded to Sarawak Cash Sweep, Sandakan Turf Club, Sabah 88 and even Singapore Pools Results.